Do I really care about Mobile SEO

Yes, you should care about Mobile SEO because it is now success factor for getting traffic. Here we How to Blog team has provided some suggestion and if you really care about traffic on your site then you should consider this Mobile SEO as a serious point.

According to the survey, mobile users are increasing day by day and most of the people are accessing the internet from their mobiles only. So, it directly affects to visitors of your site and to get traffic from mobile devices you should manage Mobile SEO.

Mobile SEO

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What you should take care for Mobile SEO

  • Your site will not appear in mobile same as the web version, so, first of all, your site must be mobile friendly. This depends on a theme which you had set for your site, so choose such theme which is mobile friendly. Due to this your work will decrease and you don’t have to do extra coding. New Google update is all about mobile friendly sites, so if your site is not compatible with a mobile view then this update will affect you.
  • When any user searches from search engines, most of them will go with the words which are auto-filled or suggested and that will become the keyword. Now in mobile these suggested words or auto-filled words are sometimes different than they are suggested on the web version. So, you have to do research on such keywords and you have to set these keywords for your site.
  • In mobile search engine mostly short keywords or related words are used. So you have to focus on such words and then just set such words as keywords.
  • Apart from these there is no any difference between general SEO and Mobile SEO. Same story you have to write like more quality backlinks, social sharing and quality writing. There should be no any difference for ON page SEO for mobile sites, you have to keep it same as normal.

So this is all about Mobile SEO which you should take care. I hope this information will help you if yes then kindly share this with others and let us know in comment section.


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