How Guest Blogging helped me to double my traffic in just three days

What is Guest Blogging? Why it is useful? What are the benefits of it? How can I start Guest Blogging? Answers of all these are covered in this Guidance on Guest Blogging Tips which is made by How to Blog team.Guest Blogging

I think most of the bloggers are doing Guest blogging for various purposes. Some uses for making money and some uses to gain traffic or back link. But those who don’t know what is Guest Blogging really? Then here is your answer.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging means to write post/ article for another blog, with the expectation of getting backlinks, traffic and making new relations.

Guest Blogging is very useful and it has many benefits (I will be getting into soon). Anyone can start guest blogging by writing posts for any blogs. But this is not the right and effective way to start it. So, here I would like to tell you that first decide what is the main reason behind Guest Blogging? To decide your approach here, I have given scenario which will help you to decide why?

If you are aiming for traffic then small blogs are not good for Guest Blogging. And if you are aiming for backlinks then don’t waste your time with big blogs.

Aim for Guest Blogging

Above image shows you the clear way that How you can utilize your time for Guest Blogging. It is a complete waste of time if you choose small blogs to get traffic and subscribers and same it might be a waste of time to target big blogs for backlinks.

Big blogs have more authority then how big blogs are not good to get backlinks? I think the same question has arisen in your mind. Yes completely agree but what I want to say is, it is more effective to get 5 backlinks of high-quality PR 4 small blogs with varied anchor texts than one big blog.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging has many benefits and here I have highlighted all major benefits of it.

To gain more traffic and subscribers:

  • Actually this is the main reason why most of the bloggers do Guest Blogging. You can easily target any big blog for guest posting and from there you can easily catch huge traffic and subscribers. You don’t believe this, but there are various bloggers who get more traffic through guest blogging than organic.

For backlinks:

  • This one is another reason behind guest blogging. One can easily build links through this and it is also one of the effective ways and also considered as good practice to build links. And if you gain more backlinks then your site PR and Domain Authority will also improve.

To Build Brand:

  • With posting your guest post on big blogs, you also post your name and bio of yourself. So, whenever any visitor will read your post, they will also read your name and about your work. By this way, you will be known in so many people and it helps to build your brand name.

To be Trustworthy and Build Relations:

  • You can easily build relations with other well-known bloggers and can gain credibility. This helps when you want to launch any new product. You can use this relation and can promote your product through these big blogs and that is very good deal.

As you got the reason why you must start guest blogging, here are some rules which you have to follow while guest blogging.

Rules for Guest Blogging


  • Before you submit any post do some research work on that particular blog. Research means complete research. Know who the owner is and know complete profile about him/ her. Then find archived guest posts and read it so, you can get an idea on what type of posts are accepted. You can also get the idea that blog is accepting SEO’s anchor text links or not. Last, read all the rules about guest blogging for a particular blog.

Writing and (Proof)Reading:

  • After getting an idea on which type of posts are accepted on a particular blog, you can start writing. This is the step where you can’t be failed because the quality of writing matters a lot here. Whatever your topic is, give complete and accurate details. Also, your guest post must not have any grammatical mistake; otherwise it will create a bad impression. Most important don’t submit your post without proofreading.


  • In guest blogging, it also matters that how you are submitting your post? While submitting your guest post you have to take care of some things. What most of the bloggers do, they first send mail to the owner and tell that I have a guest post for you. After getting a positive reply, they start to write a post and then again send mail with that post after few days. This will create a bad impression. Here what you can do is send an email with the post you have written and tell just review this and if you find this suitable then publish it on your blog.

Also read: What to do after your Guest post get published?

How to find Guest Blogs

After all this discussion, you are thinking that How can I find such blogs those accept guest post? So here is the answer of that question.

Google Blog Search:

  • This one is a special search engine to search blogs only. So just search your niche and find some top names regarding that. Then check which blogs are accepting guest post.

Search engine:

  • Open any search engine and just search these terms.

Your niche + guest post

Your niche + write for us

Your niche + submit post

Your niche + submit article

I think all points are covered here, wait one point is still left. The most important point for guest blogging is How to find a topic that can be submitted to guest blogs? For that just refer these points.

Top Blogs:

  • Top blogs of your niche can help you to find topics. Just go through the most popular posts of such blogs and you will get an idea.

Answer sites:

  • There are various answer sites available like Yahoo answers and Wiki answers. Here you can find something related with your niche. So, you can take questions as your blog topic.


  • I would like to suggest here that when you go through the top blogs as mentioned above also refer comments of most popular posts. There is a chance that you may get some idea about your next topic.

Wrapping up

So, these are the Guest Blogging tips which you can follow. I am sure that you will definitely get benefit from this.

If there is missing something here, then you can tell us in comment section. Also share this in your social circle and help us to get more traffic. You can subscribe with us to get all latest updates by mail.


Jay, who loves to blog and to share experience of his blogging career. I am here to help you all those new bloggers who want to make this blogging as their career. Apart from blogging I like to make new friends and want to travel each and every corner of the World.

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  1. Great post, Jay. One thing many new and even seasoned bloggers struggle with is traffic and the reason for that is very simple. Without traffic, you can not get email subscribers. Without email subscribers, it will be extremely difficult to monetize your blog.

    I like how you emphasized the difference between using guestposting to generate backlinks or increase your audience. I quite agree that it is better to guestpost for a big blog that has an established brand, a ton of organic traffic and loads of subscribers.

    Thanks for sharing this insightful post, Jay

  2. Hi Jay

    A very interesting article and a deep insight on guest blogging. I agree with that you have written.

    I agree that so many bloggers have different reasons for guesting blogging. I also love your simple apt image on the strategy to guest blog based on the purpose. Thanks for sharing. Have a swell week

  3. Hey Jay,

    I am in the process of thinking about reaching out to present my work in an attempt to get guest posts. How exciting and nerve racking at the same time. So this post was of great value to me. Thanks for the section about how to look for guest posting opportunities that is very handy.

    I appreciate this information.

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