How to Increase Organic CTR – Complete Guidance

Worried about low CTR (Click-through Rate) and want to increase it in an organic matter then here we How to Blog team has included some factors which can help to improve your CTR.

Before we start, first take a look at what is CTR?

What is CTR (Click-through Rate)?

Click-through Rate (CTR) is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website by the number of users that clicked on a specific link. In short how many people click on your site link when it appears on SERP list for any keyword?

Now I think you got an idea about CTR. In an earlier time when I started this blog, I was worried about CTR. Because I was getting many impressions but not getting the click and that’s why, my CTR was low. Then I analyzed my data and found some factors that can increase my CTR.

Then I implement those and I got a positive result. So, now here I am going to answer this question How to Increase Organic CTR?

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Increase Organic CTR

Make Constraining Title

This one is the prime factor I found that is making my CTR low. As per various research, it is seen that 80 out of 100 people will judge information from Title only. They will not open the site to read the content if they would not found the title appealing.

So, make Compelling titles for your post and I am sure that people will click on it to read it. You can use these Title maker tools for that. Or you can read this guide of Brian Clark from Copyblogger about How to write Magnetic Headlines. He has provided some nice info on creating titles that you can implement.

It is seen that titles that show urgency, problem-solving, How to guide and [Numbers] steps attracts more people. And that’s why they will click on your link to read that. I am sure after making such titles you can increase organic CTR easily. Here are some examples of such titles.

  • How to Create _______ that Gets _______
  • How I made _______ in _______
  • Quick Guide:
  • [Number] Amazing _______ to try Right now
  • [Number] Foolproof _______ Tips for _______
  • [Number] Facts about _______
  • How to _______ in [Number] easy steps

Meta Description

In the search result page, below title and link small description is also shown and that is called Meta Description. 60 out of 100 people read this and if they found that description informative then only they will click on your link.

What most of the people do is they use this field for SEO purpose only. They just right anything and add keyword only, so the search engine can capture it. Such keywords are shown in Bold when it appears in the search result, but it misses what this article is all about?

So while writing meta description you have to cover these points.

  • Reason to Click
  • What he will get

Rich Snippets

The search result shows these main things title, published date, link, meta description, rating, author name and also pages of your site like home, about us, career etc. So, what is shown on the search result page is called Snippet and here is one example.

Rich Snippet

What to show in the snippet is based on your design. If a search engine knows Who is the author? What is Rating? then only it will show otherwise only title, link, date and meta description will be shown. But you can help search engine to understand your site’s design to build a Rich Snippet.

For that, you can use Schema Markup tool from Google Webmaster tool. Here you can markup all things according to given type and data. So, it will show rich snippet on a search result and people will attract towards your link.

Date update

If you have done good SEO then you 1-2 year old posts also rank on top for any particular keyword. But it may not attract people to open your link because they will think that these articles are outdated.

So, what you can do here is you have to hide your published date from the search engine. For that, you have to do some changes in your theme but it requires coding knowledge. Another thing you can do is to change published date. If you are using WordPress then you can change published date.

How can I do this? There is a publish section in your WordPress editor where you write a post. In this section, Publish Immediately option is given. From here you can change the date and can publish the post again. But don’t do it frequently, after every 5-6 months you can change it.

Apart from these major reasons you can also consider these factors to Increase Organic CTR.

Brand Name

URL structure

Personal Analysis like Who are my readers and How it will help to them?

Wrapping up

In conclusion, you have to more focus on Title and Meta description. You have to make it more and more appealing, so people attract towards it and will click on your link and that will increase organic CTR.

So these are the ways to Increase Organic CTR and I hope you enjoyed this guidance. If it is helpful for you then kindly share it with your friends and help them also. Subscribe with us to get latest updates directly to your mail.


Jay, who loves to blog and to share experience of his blogging career. I am here to help you all those new bloggers who want to make this blogging as their career. Apart from blogging I like to make new friends and want to travel each and every corner of the World.

8 thoughts on “How to Increase Organic CTR – Complete Guidance

  1. Hey Jay,

    This information was really required. I am attempting to understand this right now. And I have been very sloppy with my titles. I now understand it but have to spend more time working on it. And that meta data, I am going to add it to my writing time now, rather than an after thought or just typing up something quickly because I want to publish. Great food for thought. It was something I have been thinking seriously about in the last couple of days.

    And what you say makes sense because I do it to. If the title is appealing then I read it, if the title doesn’t give me enough I am likely to breeze over it. Great work and thank you.


  2. Hi Jay,

    Very simple and quick gudie to increase CTR. If we republish the blog posts, won’t they affect the web archive? I’ve also read somewhere that older posts comes first than the newer ones as they will be having an average estimation of piopulairty so far. Can you shed some light on it?

    1. Hi Sasidhar,

      As I mentioned in the post that first update your post with new information and then only republish that post. It won’t affect your web archive. Otherwise, you can show as last updated date instead published date on your post. Some well-known bloggers use that method.

  3. hi jay,

    Your article is too good. It gave me enough knowledge about CTR to me. Now I just planned to start a new blog. Keep rocking

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