Tips on How to write a blog /article effectively

Writing an article for your blog but don’t know how then this article on how to write a blog/ article is for you which is also known as On Page SEO. Well if you want that your blog appear on Google search on first page then you have to write your article in some well designed manner and here we have mentioned all those.

How to write a blog /article

How to write a blog

First read How to create a blog

To begin with your article content you have to make sure about few things which we are going to discuss today in this article. There are mainly five things which you have to take care when you are writing any article/ content and those are listed below.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Optimize image
  4. Keyword Consolidation
  5. External links

Now let elaborate all deeply one by one, so you can get idea about it.


  • Your title is the first thing which user will see, so it must be related to the topic which you are writing and main thing it also should contain your main KEYWORD.
  • Title should be easily understandable otherwise use will not take any interest in content and will go without read it and you don’t want that, right.
  • Your title should be 70 characters long, now this is not so much important but google will search only first 70 characters, so if possible then make title in this length.


  • In first paragraph of your article, repeat your main keyword/ title in a natural way as I did here.
  • Don’t bluff in first paragraph instead write such things which are meaningful to your title, so user read your whole article.
  • Search engines show first 140 characters in search page, so make sure that your keyword must be repeated in those first 140 characters. Recently Google has updated this character limit, so you can write up to 160 characters.

Optimize image:

  • If you are using any image in your content then be sure that you give it better title which is related with your main KEYWORD.

Keyword Consolidation:

  • Make sure that you don’t repeat your main keyword so many times in your content.
  • I would suggest that in first paragraph you have already repeated it, so don’t repeat again and if you need to repeat then use similar meaning word instead of that or you can use it in sub headings.

External links:

  • Provide external links in your content that lead to another site of related text and provide it after every 300-400 words.
  • If you are providing external link than also set anchor text for it.
  • You can also provide link that can lead to your own site also.

In WordPress design first you have a Title block, so there write your title then in description section write first paragraph as we have mentioned and optimize image, if any and make sure of repetition of key words, at last provide external link.

There are two options in WordPress called meta tags and meta description. In meta tags you can write similar phrases of your keyword and in meta description copy paste your first paragraph. One more tip I want to share with you all is kindly use heading titles like H1, H2, H3 to specify sub categories in your content.

So this is all about your writing content tips and if there is any problem them let us know in comment section below.


Jay, who loves to blog and to share experience of his blogging career. I am here to help you all those new bloggers who want to make this blogging as their career. Apart from blogging I like to make new friends and want to travel each and every corner of the World.

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